Why join a co-working space

If you're a home-based entrepreneur, have your own home-office that's basically free and even gives you some tax benefits at the end of the financial year, you might be very hesitant to forge out some of your hard-earned money on an office space somewhere else.

We hear ya'! We've been there, too. But let us tell you a few of the - maybe hidden - benefits you might not think of, when joining a co-working space.

1. Get your daily energy buzz

So imagine, you've dropped the kiddos off at school and return to your home. The kitchen needs tidying from preparing the lunch boxes, the laundry is piling up, the dogs need to be walked and to top it all up, your office is a dark, cold hole - and you're all alone.

We'd like to guess that the motivation to start working might be a bit low and we get it. Even if you get yourself to sit down at your desk (or dining table) it might be very difficult to get "in the flow" of working. (More reasons for this in further points.)

You know what is the case when you come into your co-working space? There are other people, already working, typing away hastily on their computers, being busy and productive, working on their dreams and making them a reality. The energy that people create when they're focussed and in their zone is simply amazing and truly motivating to knuckle down and get working as well.

2. Face-to-face is irreplaceable

Do you know the days that you've been working all day and you go into the kitchen to make yourself yet another lonesome cuppa and you get an unexpected phone call - you answer the phone and your voice isn't actually working. It is in that moment, that you realise, you haven't spoken to another human being the entire day! (Yes, furry friends count, but it is different when your conversation partner can actually answer back, too). It's not just the talking though, it is seeing someone across from you to talk to and being able to interact with - and online conversations aren't quite the same, we promise.

When you join a co-working space, you have people sitting next to you, across from you, people to interact with, people to have a quick chat over a cup of coffee with, people to get dressed for (that's a win in itself). You can also create relationships with these people, leading to potential collaborations down the track. Bounce random ideas off and just ask questions when they pop into your head. That is worth so much as it can totally save your sanity.

3. Just pop onto Facebook for "5 minutes"

At home you might not feel watched or there might not be a risk that someone is looking over your shoulder and seeing what you're "working" on. It is very easy to just pop onto Facebook for "5 minutes" (read 30 minutes or longer), or to just stare a hole in the wall, poking your nose or doing anything else other than working.

Whereas at a co-working space, you might be a lot more hesitant to procrastinate if the person next to you is able to have a squiz at your screen to realise you're not actually working. And if you know that the person behind you is being super productive, ticking off things off their to-do list and hustling to make some money.

4. I'm just going to scrub the toilet …. Distractions free zone

Please note, from our experience, the male readers here might not quite identify with this just as much. But if you're working from home it's very easy to get distracted by those "oh-so-important" other tasks such as doing the laundry or scrubbing the toilet. And you can be as disciplined and motivated as you want, if you come across some resistance ie. a task you'd rather not be doing, it's too easy to find a good excuse and do something else and just end up procrastinating and wasting time.

The other things are potential distractions by family members (the human and furry kind alike). If you're in the house, some people might struggle to understand that you're still working and can't be interrupted - that it is just as if you weren't in the house. They come in and ask you questions, need your help or just want to be with you… horrible.

In a co-working space you don't have to scrub the toilet, you don't have your hubby coming in and "just asking a quick question" - all you have to do here is knuckle down and get some work done.

5. Let's meet at my office (no not my dining table) - It's all about appearance and looking professional

Do you have meetings with other business people or clients? Are you currently just meeting at their professional premises or at a local cafe? The thing is, it doesn't make you look particularly professional not to have the ability to meet at your own premises, right? Or to meet at your home, with kids toys laying around, the washing machine going and the smell from last night's fish still lurking around, does it?

If you join a co-working space you can use the meeting rooms there to invite your meeting partners into (coffee included). You can use the co-working space address for your business, too, which makes it easier for yourself to separate the two.

6. Hard to let go of hard-earned money but you can worry less

Yes, especially if you're not used to it, you might have to worry a little bit about the "investment' you'll have to come up with to pay for your co-working membership. It also might seem a bit tricky to really measure a ROI on your investment, but at the end of the day here is the thing about having to worry-less if you join a co-working space.

It's not your name on the lease, you don't have to take up a loan to kit it out, you don't have to worry about the cleaner showing up, paying extra bills such as rates etc. All you have to do is pay your membership - on a month-to-month basis - and let us take care of the rest. How good is that?

And there you have it - our top reasons why joining a co-working space is an amazing thing to do and will give you so many benefits.

Want to give it a try? Feel free to stop by at Meraki Workspace and give co-working a try for a day, we do offer casual visit rates, for the more undecided people or the ones that don't require quite as much usage of their co-working space.

Go on, you won't want to leave!


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