Member Feature - Rachel MacAllister Inspire Mindfulness

We’re introducing our new segment “Meraki Members” this month with a wonderful member doing great things to improve children’s mental health. Rachel MacAllister runs Inspire Mindfulness, a programme to help children become more in tune with their wellbeing, mental health and learn the best ways to work through their emotions. Rachel has been with Meraki for a few months now, being the lucky winner of our Asteri scholarship earlier this year. 

I took some time to steal Rachel away for a quick chat about what brought her to Meraki, how she enjoys being in the space, what she loves best about Cambridge and how her family does their part for zero waste at home!

Here’s our chat:



So first questions first, who are you and what is your business?

I’m Rachel MacAllister of Inspire Mindfulness

And what’s Inspire Mindfulness?

So I go round to the different schools and teach a programme that I wrote last year, almost two years ago. So yeah, I go around and teach children about their mental health and how to look after their mental health and about their brain. 

So cool! Such a cool thing to do.

Thank you!

So you are our Asteri Scholarship winner, how are you enjoying your time in the space?

Oh, I love it, it’s amazing It’s really good. When I was at home I found that I wasn’t being very productive and so I’d find I’d work really well some days and other days I’d just get distracted. So, for me it’s awesome to come in here and have some real productive time and see my business grow in the time that I’m in here. Yeah it’s great, I love it. 

Cool! What’s your favourite thing about Meraki?

Oh loads of things, actually. Productivity, the people. I love coming in and feeling that I’m part of something but still being able to do my own business. I love the space, the space is amazing. Being in town, being central, not being at home shut away from everyone - in my little office just me! So yeah no, this is awesome.

Is there anything you think we can improve on?

Oh, I dunno, I’ve spoken to Susanne a bit about this as she often asks me! She’s just done such a good job, you know, with everything at the moment. I said to her that she’s put her love back in to Meraki.

She really has!

So, I dunno, I just really love it. I love coming up here. So no, I think she’s done a great job. 

I agree! So what is one of the great things about living in Cambridge?

Oh there’s loads! 

It’s just such a cool town!

That’s it! It is just a really cool town. Love that it’s central. Because we’re from the UK, for us, we landed in Cambridge. We arrived in New Zealand and moved to Cambridge so for us just being part of a really cool community but being able to go out to different areas is awesome. Like, everythings an hour away. 

It’s so good! I mean the beach is an hour away and the mountains are an hour away.

Yeah, we’re really, really lucky. But I just love it, and think we have such an awesome community. It’s a great place. 

Sustainability is a big thing in Meraki and it’s values, so how are you sustainable at home?

Oh my gosh, in like what sense?

Hmmm I guess through recycling, do you have a compost, things like that.

Oh no, I don’t have a compost, but I recycle! No we recycle everything. We’re really big on not using plastic. No I don’t have a compost.

Hey not everyone does, or is able to, dependant on where you live!

Yeah exactly! In terms of recycling, everything has to be recycled. And we live with an eco warrior daughter who we get told off by her if anything’s in glad wrap so we’re conscious in that sense. 

One lucky last question, it’s very important: Coffee or tea?

Tea. Always tea. I’m English! Has to be tea.

 You can find out more about what Rachel does through Inspire Mindfulness on her Facebook page here or have a chat with her at one of our weekly coffee catch ups!


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