10 Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

Over the last couple of years, podcasts have become a very popular alternative to audiobooks and music to jam to. I for one love having a podcast playing in the background when I want to deviate from my latest thriller or just not in the mood to listen to music. Because I like to find interesting podcasts from all themes, I thought I would compile a collection to suggest to others, so they can enjoy them as well!

Work-related Podcasts

Hello Monday

Created by LinkedIn’s Jessi Hempel, this is a great podcast to listen to that covers all things business, how we can switch up the business world to make it attuned to us, and how the business world is changing us in to day’s modern society. With guests such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Meyers and more it is a great one to help you keep your work perspective forever growing. 

Successfully F’n up

This is a fantastic new podcast straight from some Kiwi gals trying to find their own way through the self-business maze. A great mix of real life yearn, business successes and muck ups with a bit of mum chats along the way. An awesome podcast to listen to to help support NZ business!

Stevie Says Social Podcast

For most of us, the ever-changing world of social media is a minefield. This is a great podcast offering bite-sized nuggets of social media marketing gold to help even the most confused business owner start to make sense of their marketing online. From newsletters to sales funnels to facebook ads, it’s all here and Stevie provides some fantastic tips to get from zero to hero. 

One Wild Ride

If you want to be inspired and motivated both in work and in your everyday life, this is the podcast to wrap your ears around. Pru Chapman of The Owners Collective chats with some amazing business owners about the road to their current success, and some of the great things these businesses are doing to help the planet and the people on it. From beach clean ups to equal pay, this podcast is all about living a more meaningful life. 

Going Through it

A fantastic podcast created by Mailchimp where the host interviews important figures about when they got to the “Do I quit or keep going?” point in their lives. Guests such as Hilary Clinton, Samin Nosrat and more talk about how they pushed through the doubt and imposter syndrome to get to where they are now. 

Fun Podcasts


A great podcast that explores the darker sides of musicians and what makes this dark side so entertaining. Alleged true crime aspects and criminal connections, drug addictions and infidelity is all explored around some of the most infamous people around the globe. A great mix of true crime and music!

Stuff You Should Know

Two men research and answer some of the random questions of the world. Really interesting about ‘stuff you should know’ that you didn’t think you needed to in the first place such as how ventriloquism works, where nicknames came from, and the skinny on toilet paper. A great background podcast if you’re working on something else. 

Why’d You Push That Button?

In a way similar to ‘Stuff You Should Know”, but digital and social media-related. Answering all the questions you may think of but may not bother to answer yourself, or just plain don’t know. Topics such as ‘Why do you like celebrities posts on Instagram” and ‘Who owns a meme” are amongst the lineup, and you’ll be surprised what you find out about this craze we call social media culture. 

Casefile True Crime

Crime podcasts have become quite popular through podcasts and this is a fantastic podcast full of fact-filled crime case files to keep your mind thinking and dive a bit further into the mindset of killers and their intentions. A great option if you’re also into your crime books and shows!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Exactly what it sounds like, but I promise it’s worth a listen if you are wanting a laugh! Jamie Morton’s dad wrote a dirty book, and instead of hiding it away never wanting to see it again, Jamie and his friends work through a chapter every podcast and have a laugh at his dads expense along the way.


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