Perks of Joining a Coworking Space

Are you working remotely or from home and teetering on the edge of joining a co-working space? It can be easy to mistake coworking spaces as makeshift offices with new ‘co-workers’ that may chew up all your precious working time, but in today's modern working world that is not the case! Have a read below of some of the great perks of joining in on a co-working space!

Productivity - yes, I’m serious!

One of the top pieces of feedback we get from our members is the HUGE increase in productivity that they receive when they work in the space. Sometimes working at home, a cafe or even in that office where you’re originally from just doesn’t offer the specific space and autonomy that you require with the work that you are wanting to get done. However, with a coworking space there is no expectations of cooler chat, or the pressing need to leave after an hour, or the possibility of putting the washing out just to procrastinate. There is just you and your work, and it offers much better headspace to get straight into it and smash out that to-do list. 

Networking & collaboration

When you are joining a coworking space, you are also joining a whole new group of business owners and entrepreneurs all finding their way through the business maze. Which offers you a fantastic opportunity to work with them or have them work with you! As you get to know one another there may be skills or products that complement one another, thus allowing for great work or collaboration between one another. Business opportunities should never be ignored, and this is a fantastic one!

Plus, it is such a great chance to find those like-minded people in the business space that you may have been previously lacking, and didn’t want to venture into the unknown, also known as can-be-intimidating networking events.

Inclusive goodies to keep the brain functioning and internet flowing

High-speed internet, fruit, tea, and coffee and are very important necessities for the brain and computer to function at full capacity. You’ll find many if not all coworking spaces will offer high-speed internet, printing and a selection of drinks and snacks to keep you going through the hard slog and not give up at that 3 pm slump. A nice extra added in your membership price, so definitely worth it!

A furnished mix of spaces

Sometimes you can’t help but avoid the client meet-up or video call, and may need a space to yourself. The wonders of coworking spaces is there tends to be a great mix of spaces to accommodate different meeting and workspaces at different times. Board rooms, hot-desking, permanent office spaces and permanent desk spaces, small private call rooms are some of the options usually available in coworking spaces. This means that if you are in for any particular type of reason, it is usually accommodated for. 

Only need a couple of hours to hustle out some work whilst on holiday? Sorted. 
Have a video call that will require a lot of talking and confidentiality? Sorted. 
Want to set yourself up but don’t want a full office? Sorted. 

Plus, as an added bonus, coworking spaces are already furnished beautifully. You need to bring in nothing but your own work and a laptop. How good!

Cost effective

A coworking membership is a fantastic cost-effective way to work productively in your business. With a mix of options to suit everyone's needs, it means that you can work in a way that is productive and helpful to you and your business that doesn’t cost your first born.
Plus, you can claim the payment back for tax purposes… win win!


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