Biz Tips to Get Started

So, you’ve taken the ultimate jump into creating your own business or side hustle… go you! We’re all out here giving you that happy dance. Though it can be incredibly exciting, I can also imagine you may be running the “oh man how do I make this stick?” thought through your brain every now and again. With Meraki being an advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere, we’ve collated some of our top tips to help you make that pesky thought go away and have you launch into success. 

Sort your biz tribe

There is little that is more important than getting the general admin stuff sorted from the get go. Not only will it help streamline your business as you go, but beginning as you mean to go on will leave you with a LOT less stress as you get properly up and running and begin to bring in those clients and $$! 

Finding and setting up with people like an accountant, lawyer, insurance broker and coach will significantly help you to feel like you have a great grasp on your business, and allow you to run the show knowing that the backend is sorted and you’re supported in your work. 

In saying this, I know when most people start out funds are tight, so as you go along finding out what you need, set priorities. For you business and for you, what is the MOST important person to add to your tribe first? Figure that out, and then work your way through as budget allows. 

Get those plans into place

You know the plans I'm talking about… the plans that are almost ALWAYS started and then shoved aside as other things become a priority. But trust me, a great way to set yourself up for success is to get these plans sorted. Take yourself out for lunch or coffee, and spend an hour or two setting up your business plan and your marketing plan. 
Once these are solidified you can pinpoint exactly where you need to go from and what needs to be implicated into your business. And most of all, you have reiterated very important factors like you WHY, your ideal client, your niche, and what you business is bringing into the fold. Very important values to be aware of to set your business up and begin selling with passion.

Create your #goals

Alongside the creation of your business and marketing plans, make sure you are creating challenging yet attainable goals for yourself and your business. Look at what you want to achieve, and work from there. To have 5 on-going clients by the end of the year? To make a certain profit by the end of the financial year? To hit 1,000 sales? Make it happen with putting these goals and plans into place!

Find your support network

It can be a hard row to hoe if you are trying to get a business up and running without any support. And sometimes, that doesn’t always look like friends or loved ones. Sometimes you need to find your like-minded business tribe that can fully understand your hard moments. Become a part of some of those business groups on Facebook, or head along to your local networking events. This is where you will find people who are you “I can relate!” team and are ready to offer insight and advice, just as you would for them. Plus, it’s a great way to make connections from a business perspective, if you ever need a product or service, and vice versa!

Set yourself up a dedicated workplace

Trust me, I am more than guilty of the old “I’ll just do a little bit of work in bed, it’ll be fine” mindset, but realistically it’s not healthy for our business or our sleep! Set yourself up with a small place that you can dedicate your time to your business. A little work alcove in your home, a study or if you have the budget, invest in a coworking space that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your work because you know when you are in that spot, it is on.

It can be a hard journey, but an incredibly rewarding one to take the jump into running a biz for yourself. With tips like these you are bound to make an impact on the world with your business passion!


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