Asteri Scholarship is Now Open!

Have you heard? Our Asteri Scholarship is open for the end of this year! 

Our "Asteri Scholarship" is awarded to a budding business person from within the Cambridge community. 

Created to support members of Cambridge who may be beginning their entrepreneurial journey, working remotely and are getting sick of working from home, beginning a side hustle or passion project, or just need a space to focus solely on getting their work done. 

We have had some amazing people in our community win this scholarship and we have watched them thrive during their time at Meraki. Some are now out doing amazing work for the community, and even still use the workspace because they loved it so much!

This scholarship is intended for a person who would greatly benefit from being able to use the Meraki space but wouldn’t be able to do so without the scholarship. At the space, the recipient would be able to use this as their office, with 24 hour access, 7 days a week, use the unlimited, high-speed internet, office equipment and kitchen facilities as well as designated spaces to meet with clients and connect with other like-minded business people. 

It is an application based programme which offers the recipient a free 3 month hot-desking membership at Meraki Workspace. 

Applications are open until 12pm on the 1st of November. If you’re interested, please take out 5-10 minutes of your day with a coffee or a glass of wine to fill out your application (top tip: tell us all! We want to make sure the scholarship goes to the person who it would be best suited to!)

What are you waiting for? Apply now! We can’t wait to see who joins us at Meraki next!


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