How to finish what you started

How many times do you start something but don’t finish it? Either because you got distracted, interrupted or ran out of time. Yes, sometimes things happen that lay outside of our control but more often than not, we can actually help this “not finishing something”. 

The problem with it is that when you don’t finish something right then and there, you walk away and try to come back to it later, it takes a long time to get back into the flow, to remember what you were thinking, where you were at, what you were trying to do. Here’s what to do in an attempt to get something finished; 

In case of interruption: 

Most importantly remember that you need to make your task a priority, everyone else would so why not you. 

If you’re in an office and someone tries to interrupt just ask politely if you can get back to them shortly you just need to finish something. 

If you’re working from home, be clear with the fellow humans who live with you that you’re working on something important and you’ll be available again for them soon enough.

Avoid interruptions in the first place: 

  • Turn off notifications on your desktop and phone
  • Turn your phone on silent
  • Shut your email tab
  • Close Facebook and all of those little friends 

To avoid distraction: 

  • Top tip - Remove distraction (haha)
  • Leave the phone in the other room (and turn it to silent) 
  • Close all other tabs except the ones you need 
  • Use a blocking tool that stops you from being able to access certain websites or apps 

To be honest, my brain is a little bit (ok, ok a lot) like my google chrome with seemingly thousand different tabs open at the same time. Sometimes staying focussed and on task is a real struggle. I especially so experience that when I hit like a creative stumbling block or things get a bit tricky. I often catch myself “just quickly” heading over to Facebook or into my email inbox… Such a waste of time and then it does take me ages to get back to my original task (if at all). 

Here is what does work when you hit a creative block though: 

Either push through it - that is something I’m still very much learning to do, push through it, face that block and try to climb it. OR get up and have a move around. But be intentionally about it. Do a couple of star jumps - turn on some cool music and have a little shimmy around the office space (might only be suitable if you’re by yourself), go and use the bathroom, get yourself some water. But do come back to your task and face it. But physical movement can move those blocks out of the way and you’ll come back refreshed and clear again - ready to keep on moving.


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