Does this sound a bit like you?

You are based in or around Cambridge, Waikato 

You are a small (read micro?!) business owner and operator 

You may or may not be just starting out in business and everything is a tad overwhelming

You enjoy (and need to) work from home but you miss the connection with others

You often feel alone and lonely working from your dining table 

You know there is so new and more stuff to learn about doing business and being in business 

Can I see you nodding your head a little?

You probably know who we are...

You are on our website after all, so let's just make this assumption. 

A coworking space in small-town Cambridge, Waikato 

Yeah, cool, right?! 

But you don't have a need for a coworking space because you are pretty well set up at home, are constantly on the go or are manufacturing products even that you simply can't do in our space. 


We also know that ....

You're still looking for a community, a place to share the ups and downs, the highs and lows, ask questions, get and give feedback, connect and engage with other like minded people.

Get opportunity for professional development 

Find accountability and partnerships

Have space for authentic and genuine promotions, referrals and collaborations even

We all know that working from home and running your own business can feel immensely lonely. 

Even for the biggest introvert. 

We do need face-to-face, human interaction to thrive. 

Better yet, if we can make some valuable and supportive connections along the way that might drive our business forward and help us grow as people, too. 

That is why we are so excited to finally be introducing....

The Meraki BYB Community

A truly supportive, generous and genuine community, a safe place to connect, engage and possibly collaborate with others, a group where you’re valued and an actual person rather than just another member or number even.

All based on our values of

Collaboration over Competition 

Passion and Compassion 

Generosity and Authenticity 

So how does it work?

This is what's included

  • Monthly Coffee (or Tea) Meetings
  • Monthly Professional Development Seminars (recorded so you can review them later) 
  • Monthly Group Get Stuff Done Days at our Coworking Space 
  • Regular Promotional and additional Networking Opportunities 
  • Accountability Partner System 
  • Online Platform  
  • One Free Coworking Day a month at our Coworking Space 
  • Quarterly Social Event

"Alone We Can Do Little, Together We Can Do So Much"

Helen Keller

Here is What's Happening in More Detail:

Monthly Casual Catch Ups

Despite its name, it's still very much a time of purposeful connection and engagement. 

A time to share the highs and lows of being in business, need feedback, have a question, want to give back to others, share your advice or even just want to hang out because your week has been a bit tricky and you just need to see some familiar and friendly faces and hear you’re not alone on this rollercoaster that is running your own business. 

Monthly Seminars

There is always something new (or old) to learn and professional development is so important in this ever changing business environment we live and operate in. We’ll bring in experts and particular topics to help you learn and grow and even inspire and motivate you. Even if you’re an expert on a particular topic that the wider group might benefit from then we’d love to include you in our list of speakers.

These sessions will be recorded so you can also get the value out of them even if you can’t attend in person.

Accountability Partner

Get an accountability partner from within the group, either we assign you to someone or you choose your own, you’re encouraged to check in with your accountability partner on a regular basis, catch up with them over a coffee, go deep on your individual goals and challenges.  

Furthermore, there will be wider accountability through us and during the casual catch-ups. Have you achieved what you said you’d do? Are you making progress? Are you staying on track? We’ll hit you up on it!  

Networking and Promotional opportunities

You will have opportunities to promote your product and services during hot-seating sessions and more in-depth networking events hosted by us - facilitated by you. 

Introduce a new product, engage with the wider group in more detail - highlight your strengths and uniqueness during these regular networking events. 

Use the online platform to promote your services and help others to get to know you better. 

Coworking Space Access & Get Stuff Done Days

Your community membership will also give you access to one free day in the coworking space. 

PLUS we will host monthly Get Stuff Done Days in the coworking space, come along to some focussed time, sitting next to others from the group, be inspired by their work ethic and be as productive as you've never been before.

Last but Not Least - Social Events

We will organise Quarterly Social Events - another opportunity to get out of the house, leave the work behind this time though and just engage and connect with other likeminded people in a social setting. 

Please note, this may come at a small additional cost, depending on the activity. 

Scroll Through to See the Planned Events for the Next Quarter

August Events

Casual Coffee Catch-up

Thursday 5th August   9 - 10am 

Professional Development Seminar

Tuesday 24th August  9.30 - 11.30

Social Gathering

Activity - TBC

Ready to be part of this amazing new group?

Three Membership Options

Please note - Monthly / Ongoing Coworking Space Members at Meraki receive access to this membership for free

Although we'd love to, we can't provide this service completely free of charge.

We're sure you can appreciate that a lot of time and effort goes into building and maintaining our community, organising and facilitating events and enabling and supporting ongoing engagement, communication and connections. 

However, we at Meraki are also always endeavouring to keep costs down in an effort to make things accessible to all sorts of businesses at different stages of their life cycle. 

​This is what this fee will allow us to do:


Organising and putting together events 


Building and growing a truly genuine and supportive in-person business community in Cambridge, Waikato


 Offering scholarships and special rates for businesses otherwise unable to join

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