Does this sound a bit like you?

You are a small businesses owner, who has proven there is value in what you do 

Although you've been in business for a while, you feel like you've never taken a truly professional approach to your value proposition

You want to do great work (be good, be different, and be genuine), create more value for your customers and develop your strategy to get more sales!

You are absolutely ready for growth

But you're experiencing the following problem…

Despite your passion you have no clear strategy for how to leverage your full unique value. 

You provide too much “uncaptured value” – you’re doing good work for free. 

You know you could be doing better “great work”

We are going to help you create more value for your ideal customers, turn it into a marketable Point-of-Difference and build your competitive strategy so that you don’t have to beat the competition… because there won’t be any.


…Bringing something to market others want to buy (at the price you want to sell it)

A 10 week in-person group workshop for small business owners

This programme is for those who want to do great work.

Doing 'Great' Work means

Being good

Good quality, good value to others, good consistency, good foundation for teamwork.

Being different

Having your individuality captured, your unique value brought forth.

Being genuine

No lies, no exaggeration, no tricks, just good value delivered a way that’s a win for you, and a win for me.

This course will give you clarity about your value, confidence in your offering and pride in your work.

Programme details

Your course is divided up into 10 weeks

You will walk away with the following Outputs: 

The Core Value Promise process

  • SWOT analysis
  • An understanding for how you create unique value (via CliftonStrengths assessment)
  • Core Value Promise Canvas

Creating a Clear and Compelling Value Proposition

  • Customer profiles established
  • Basic consideration for value delivery 
  • Compiling proof of your value
  • Competitor analysis including market feedback and risk reversal
  • Developing your happy ending
  • Pricing strategy 
  • Positioning yourself as different and the gatekeeper to your solution
  • Clear & Compelling Value Proposition Canvas

Build a Genuine Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Set a basic marketing budget
  • Create a marketing calendar
  • Draft a headline/one-liner one-two punch
  • Present your “always-on” offer
  • Create a lead generating asset chain and special offer
  • An overarching pre-sale, conversion and past customer strategy with specific tactics
  • Genuine Sales & Marketing Strategy Canvas 

This programme will grow your ability in these “First Art of business” skills

Who this course is perfect for;

Small and Medium businesses that have proven there is value in what they do (ie; have sales to prove it)

Business’ in their 2nd / 3rd iteration cycle. That is; you are ready to “niche down,” work to win your ideal work, capture more of your value.

Small and Medium business owners who want to do great work (be good, be different, and be genuine), create more value for their customers and develop their strategy to get more sales!! You will absolutely need to be ready for growth btw…

Business’ that want to learn how to make a thorough “leave no stone unturned” run-through of their value proposition to make it as powerful as it can be.

Business owners who want to provide “important” work for their staff to do.

What this course does NOT do;

Prove that your value proposition has immediate viability (if it is a brand new creation) or establish the true market cap for your product (how big your business could grow). That’s why we ask you need to have sales.

Outcomes – what you will walk away with…

The First Art of Business course workbook; the step-by-step guide we use to facilitate learning and capture all your workings

A Personal Development workbook zeroing in how you create value incl. CliftonStrengths assessment

o   CliftonStrengths assessment and workshop

o   Character self-audit

Your own personalised First Art of Business Playbook with all the key information summarised

o   Your Core Value Promise canvas

o   Your product’s key value-chain

o   Ideal customer profile

o   Competitor analysis

o   Your Clear & Compelling Value Proposition Canvas

o   Your always-on offer overview

o   Your first educational asset

o   Website self-audit

o   Sales preparation and script

o   A marketing calendar

o   Your Genuine Sales and Marketing Strategy

o   A summary of your competitive strategy

Ready to Sign Up Now?

We're kicking off 15th June 2021

Investment for 10week in-person group workshop: 

Pay up front $1800 


3 instalments of $650 

Do you qualify?? 

·       Are you passionate about your work – you love what you do and want to “do great work”?

·       Do you think you need a better strategy – and a need to develop you Point-of-Difference?

·       Have you been in business for more than 2years?

·       This course is done with you, not for you…. So do you enjoy learning and want to grow in skill?

Have you answered "Yes" to these questions then .... 

Who we are

Steve Parker

Steve hails from Northland and has married into a farming family in the South Waikato which is where he now lives.

With over 15 years’ experience leading groups in the great outdoors Steve has learned leadership, organization and people management skills in a real risk environment. He has crafted an ability to keep people on side and focused forward whether they be Troubled Youth in a wilderness programme or Corporate’s on a team building exercise – and everything in between.

Steve has always gravitated to the people and value proposition strategy components of a workplace, seeking to understand how to draw out each person’s best and knit individuals together to build a strong team. People and the value they create form the heart of an organisation and will either represent your greatest asset or greatest liability. Building on a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Political Science, Steve is also an accredited Clifton StrengthsFinder coach ( and certified Business Advisor ( He is the creator of The First Art of Business course.

Susanne Lorenz

Originally from Germany but an adopted kiwi after over 15 years here. Susanne is mother of 3 and partner to a kiwi firefighter. 

Susanne is the founder and owner of Meraki Workspace, the coworking space in Cambridge and a certified life and business coach. She has a degree from Waikato University in Accounting and comes with an extensive knowledge of business and entrepreneurship, acquired over the years of running her own businesses and being a strong believer in continuous professional and personal development.


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