The concept ...

You rock up, we provide you with (hopefully) just about everything you need to work, you get stuff done - you feel good and go home!


Full membership

Hot-desking is the concept where you just sit where there is a space - at a first come, first serve basis. This means you might be sitting at a different spot each time you come, very much like at a cafe.
We have basically four different spaces to choose from, the main space that also includes the permanent desks, the boardroom, the 1:1 room (as long as these are not booked out they can be used for hot-desking) and the kitchen. You pick and choose as your mood changes.
You can come and go as you please and stay for as long or as little as you need and want (you will probably not want to leave and get more done than you ever did before).
If you know when you'll be in and need to book a seat so you can be sure you have one, please send us an email and we're happily reserve you your favourite spot.

Hot-desking membership is $225 plus Gst per month

What's included?

  • Unlimited 24/7 access with key card
  • Delicious coffee or tea
  • Member's kitchen with toaster, fridge, milk etc.
  • Your choice of hot-desk seating
  • Unlimited high-speed internet
  • Printing / scanning facilities
  • Meeting room access at a cheaper rate
  • An inspiring work environment
  • Access to our regular events and networking opportunities

Casual membership

For the ones of you struggling with commitment, we have our casual rates available.
These allow you access to the space for 1 calendar day

Casual hot-desking is $15 plus Gst per visit

  • Access for one calendar day
  • Delicious coffee or tea
  • Member's kitchen with toaster, fridge, milk etc.
  • Your choice of hot-desk seating
  • Unlimited high-speed internet
  • Printing / scanning facilities
  • An inspiring work environment

Permanent Desk

The permanent desks are recommended for the "full-timers" and/or the ones who need to bring the desktop computer, the architects, graphic designers, engineers and whoever else.

When you sign up for a permanent desk we will help you kit out your desk to your needs. We supply you with a desk-lamp, a set of lockable drawers and other bits and pieces. You get the same access as the hot-desking but no-one else can sit at your desk. You also get a "promotional" opportunity as we mention our permanent desk members on "our members" list on the website as well as on our members wall.

Although we don't lock you into a contract, it's all on a month-to-month basis, especially the permanent desks we encourage a longer term commitment and will reduce the monthly charge the longer you sign up for.

Permanent desk membership is $450 plus Gst per month

Everything a full-membership gets
  • your own permanent desk (customisable to your needs)
  • a set of lockable drawers
  • additional promotional opportunities

Please note

Our memberships are on a month-to-month basis, which means we don't lock you into a contract and you don't have to commit to longer than you're comfortable with. 

However, if you're happy to sign up for longer than 3 months at a time we will reduce the monthly charge.

We invoice for the memberships in advance and once payment is received and our code of conduct has been signed, you will receive your personal access key code for Meraki. 

Additional charges for the use of the meeting spaces etc. are invoiced at the end of the month they have been used in.

Meeting Rooms

We have a very comfortable and versatile small meeting room available for hire for non-members, too. 

Our intimate 1:1 room - despite its name, can fit between 2 and 4 people for a meeting.
It has a very cozy and calming atmosphere to it. It is ideal for online meetings, phone conversations or some in-depth focus time, too. 

Coffee/tea is included for yourself and your meeting partners.

$17 per hour plus Gst 

for up to 3 people incl. tea/coffee


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