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Planning Workshop for 2019

Do you want to get ahead before the new year starts?

Do you think back to the beginning of the year with a bit of regret. 
Does it get you slightly annoyed at yourself for yet again not having achieved what you set out to? 
Do you even know what it was that you wanted to do this year?

Do you look ahead to the new year with angst, fear and doubt? 
Are you ready to really, truly do things differently and achieve your goals in 2019? 
Do you want to make leaps and bounds in your life AND business? Make a start, stay on track, heck even get ahead?! 

How good would that be?

Do you want to know what often (usually, mostly, almost always) is the root cause of inaction and lack of progress? 

It's the lack of goal setting, planning, and measuring of progress that is ultimately stopping us from taking efficient, difference-making action.


Tuesday 11th December 

9.30 - 2.30
In person, small group workshop; 
Coffee, snacks and lunch provided 

Investment $247 (plus Gst.)

Meraki members receive a 15% discount. 
Find out more and sign up on her website. 

We are proud to be able to support a number of community organisation and businesses by providing the space to host their meetings and groups. See below for what's happening at Meraki.


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