Create your own social media content for your business using just your smartphone

Show and Tell


Learn to connect with your community, showcase your story and increase your organic reach on social media.

Over 15 years of Producing and Directing in the TV industry has given me an in-depth knowledge in how to film and edit compelling video.   But this workshop is so much more than just the technical nuts and bolts (although that will be in there too!).  I want to share with you my passion for the power of storytelling, how to use emotion effectively, and my best tips and tricks to get and maintain people’s attention.

Imagine making your own:

- Customer testimonials

- How-to videos

- Short compelling clips for social media to increase your organic reach

- Behind the scenes videos

Once you’ve done my workshop you can start confidently promoting your business in ways you didn’t even know existed!

“Michelle, I can NOT stop making videos!!! I am loving it. My latest video has been shared 13 times, seen by 1,000 people and reached an audience (organically) of 2500 in TWO days!! UNHEARD of with any other post I’ve ever done!” - Liz Constable / Book Art Studios

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