Let's go back to August 2016

I've moved to Cambridge not much earlier than that and had been trying to set up and build my small business ever since. I've been working hard on connecting with and becoming part of the local business community.

Although I had a space in my rural home that I could use for my office, in my house there were constantly some sort of distractions and things pulling me away from my work.... be it the dogs barking at the neighbours cat, the children constantly coming in or even the laundry calling my name. 

So I spent a lot of my time at the local cafes, either spending a days' worth of income on coffee (and being absolutely wired because of it), or feeling guilty for using the cafe's wifi and taking up one of their spots. 

Either way, it wasn't a great solution. 

One day I was driving down the main street of Cambridge and it hit me

I saw it so clearly in my mind...

A space for all the amazing business owners, freelancers and mobile employees of Cambridge to come together. 

To connect

To collaborate 

To support each other and grow together. 

A space dedicated for them - where they don't have to feel stink about taking someone else's spot or have to deal with a poor wifi connection. 

A metropolitan concept in small town New Zealand

So that the people of Cambridge can truly live and work here and not have to commute to other places.

Because here is the thing:

When every aspect of your business depends on you, and you are working somewhere that is distracting or lonely, progress can feel almost impossible. 
That's why our goal at Meraki is to create a community where locals support each other and grow together.
We tackle this big audacious goal by creating space for three essential things, co-working, meeting and community. 
We know that a lot of people find the process of building a business isolating and they struggle to find options for growth that are flexible. 
We know that most people need dedicated time, space and support to continue developing their ideas.
So we created an organisation that is exclusively dedicated to helping communities and the people in them do just that, flourish, grow, succeed.

The point we're trying to make is:

Running and growing your own business is hard. 

Working from your dining room table is hard. 

We have a solution for you to make it a little bit less hard in a lot of different ways. 

We'd love to show you how we do that. 

If you're keen to find out more click below and go on a journey with us. 

The Meraki Team

Susanne Lorenz - Founder

Susanne is your textbook serial entrepreneur - after completing her Bachelor majoring in Accounting of all things, she's set out to start her first online business, the smart VA. 

Today she is a certified life and business coach for busy mumpreneurs - helping and supporting other mums in business to discover their wildest dreams and making them a reality. She offers face to face and online coaching sessions. 


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