{n.} the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself put into your work

But what does that mean?

In 2016 Susanne finally made the decision of giving in. She gave in to nearly 3 years of people saying "someone should do this" "there is so a need" "it's what Cambridge needs" "why hasn't anyone done this".... The idea was to create a co-working space in Cambridge. It didn't take long and Emma came on board - being called by the excitement of creating something from scratch, some unique and inspiring for the vibrant business community of Cambridge. Although the two of them thought it would only be them, it didn't take long and Rachel bulged in. Instantly convinced by the concept of a co-working space she's put her money where her mouth was and it was all go from there.

Unfortunately, real estate in Cambridge is sought after and office space is very limited (hence the demand for a co-working space in the first place). It took the team a while to find not only a suitable, but affordable space that fit all their requirements. They become good friends with their commercial real estate broker (or at least they told themselves, maybe he won't agree.)

Finally a place was found, however, the end of the year neared, overseas trips where already booked and so the decision was made to postpone opening till the new year.

February 2017 sees Meraki Workspace opening in the heart of Cambridge.
Cambridge's very own and first co-working space - a space as unique and inspiring as its members and Cambridge's business community.

Since opening its doors in early 2017, Meraki has seen and stumbled across plenty of hurdles and bumps. We have seen amazing and wonderful members come and go, some stay for a short time, some stay for a long time - we love them all and we are proud of the support we can give each and everyone of our members in growing and building their businesses. 

Besides members, we have also had changes in owner- and leadership of Meraki Workspace. While we started with three shareholders, we said goodbye to our first one in 2017 due to changes in personal and professional circumstances. 

Since mid 2019, Susanne is majority shareholder and sole director of Meraki Workspace.

The Meraki Team

Susanne Lorenz - Co-founder

Susanne is your textbook serial entrepreneur - after completing her Bachelor majoring in Accounting of all things, she's set out to start her first online business, the smart VA. 

Today she is a certified life and business coach for busy mumpreneurs - helping and supporting other mums in business to discover their wildest dreams and making them a reality. She offers face to face and online coaching sessions. 

Find out more about her on her website


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