Welcome to our space!

We're so excited you're here. Come on in and stay a while. Find out what we're all about!

At Meraki we believe in creating a community where locals support each other and grow together.
So we have built an organisation that provides space for co-working, meetings and community.

We know that most people need dedicated time, space and support to develop their vision.
So we have created an organisation that is exclusively dedicated to helping locals flourish.

Meraki - To do everything with love and passion; To leave a piece of yourself behind in the work you do

What we are offering

What makes us different?

We are dedicated to help our members and community flourish. 

We are approachable and flexible. 

We always try to make your life as easy and comfortable as possible. 

We are here with you. 

What we stand for


Community and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do 

Every activity supports the growth of our community and aims to include everyone within it. 


We aim to act sustainable every step of the way

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint as much as possible

We aim to support our members to run and operate their business sustainably


We are sharing everything we can to benefit and support each other generously

We share connections, experience and knowledge generously

Our spaces are generous in sizing and functionality 

Our offering affordable - we go above and beyond to be generous with what we offer

We aim to provide everything someone might require to run their business and work from our space


We are passionate about who we are 

We are passionate about the work we do

We are passionate about who we work with

We are passionate about our environment

We know because we've been there ...

we were sitting in our homes, at the dining table, distraction galore, feeling lonely... 

Tell me more about this coworking thing

Coworking means you share an inspiring and motivating office space and facilities with other likeminded people to do your best work possible in the most productive way ever.

Is coworking right for me?

You are a freelancer, small business owner or mobile employee? 

You have your heart in the right spot and can use your common sense? 

You are human and therefore need human interaction?

What are the benefits from joining a coworking space?


We don't lock you into a contract but instead operate on a month-to-month basis. 

We don't have a notice period (although appreciated) you can simply let us know if your circumstances change and we can adapt from there. 

We can change your membership basically at the drop of a hat. 

Have we mentioned our space is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year? 

Peace of Mind

An "all inclusive" rate gives you peace of mind. 

You pay the one fixed rate and we take care of the rest. 

Our Meeting Rooms are free of charge for members, too. 

Fully Set Up Office Facilities

Need printing, scanning and copying - We've got you covered 

Need access to a meeting room (or two) every once in a while - We have those, too 

Need a professional business address and a place to promote your business - No problem.

Of course we also have high-speed, secure fibre internet connection available and a nice little kitchen with tea, coffee, milk and fresh fruit available at all times. 

Want a Cambridge "CBD" location so you can nip out to one of the several awesome cafes - Sorted 

Community & Network

When you join Meraki Workspace you don't only get the physical space but you get the inbuilt community and network with it, too. 

Human connection is essential to our every success - having someone next to you who might be going through similar struggles in business or who has "been there" can be invaluable to your progress. 

Collaboration over competition - every step of the way. Supporting each other on our individual journeys is at the heart of everything we do. And you'll benefit from that. 

Ok, ok, you've convinced me, what are my options to sign up?

Casual Day Pass

Still reckon it sounds too good to be true? 

Or simply don't need the space "that much"? 

Want to test the waters first? 

All no problem, simply sign up for as a casual users and get all the benefits (almost). 


You're happy to work from your laptop (mostly)? 

You like the idea of being able to move to different desks within the space each time you come in? 

You like the idea of the smaller price tag? 

Then our unlimited hotdesking membership will be the answer for you. 

Permanent Desk

You require your big desktop monitor (or two) to do your work? 

You generally just like more space? 

You want the "professional edge" of a dedicated desk? 

Say no more, a permanent desk is your perfect solution. 

To find out more and to start the sign up process click here!

We are "always open"

Whether it's 2pm or 2am when inspiration strikes you or you have a Skype meeting with Europe, you can come to Meraki and find a seat!

We offer 24/7, 365 days a year access to our verified members - so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to sign up and become a registered member. 

For last minute access or bookings, please send me a quick text message on 020 4336900. 

Right in the heart of Cambridge

Meraki is located at 32 Victoria Street, Cambridge

@merakiworkspace on the socials


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