Hot-desking - Monthly basis


For the month of January we are offering half price hot-desking memberships.
Come on board at our coworking space in Cambridge take advantage of all the great features we have on offer but only pay half the price.

You get: 
* unlimited access ie. our space is accessible 24/7 and you can come as often as you'd like within your membership month 
* unlimited, high speed, secure internet 
* office facilities such as printer etc. 
* unlimited coffee and tea 
* a great community and support to bounce ideas off, if you feel inclined

All this for $130!!! That is really a no-brainer!

We don't lock our members into contracts, so give it a try for a month and if you discover coworking isn't for you, then that's cool too, no obligations to stay on and no questions asked. (but feedback is always appreciated).

** Please note, this offer is only available to new members and membership needs to be paid for and commenced before 31st January. **

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