How Meraki came to be

Meraki Workspace has been going for almost 2 and a half years now (we can’t believe how time has flown!). So, with that milestone in mind, we thought it was only right to tell the story oh how Meraki came to be. 

The talk of bringing a coworking space to Cambridge had been a topic of many in the community for years. It was common knowledge that the business and entrepreneurial community was thriving in Cambridge, yet there was a severe lack of space for that community to get together and work on their projects that didn’t resemble the kitchen bench. 

A Cambridge coworking space remained just a dream, until Susanne decided it was time to take action! 

In 2016, Susanne teamed up with friend and fellow entrepreneur Emma Sinclair (you may know her as Emma from Emma’s Food Bag) and eventually was joined by Rachel O’Reilly who was very excited to be a part of the coworking movement. 

The three spent some time finding the perfect home for their burgeoning cowork dream, and with real estate in Cambridge being exclusively sought-after the current Victoria Street office was the best fit for the job. 

After an injection of blood, sweat and tears into the much needed renovations of 32 Victoria Street, Meraki Workspace opened its doors to clients in February 2017. With spaces for hotdesking, permanent desk, a small meeting room and a large boardroom available, it quickly became a hive of activity for various small business owners, remote workers, workshops and tutorials. Rachel moved on to pursue other personal and business ventures around six months after the opening of Meraki, so Susanne and Emma bustled together and ran Meraki as a joint venture. 

Over its tenure, Meraki has evolved and changed to fit with the requirements of its clients. We closed up the boardroom availability and created more hotdesking and permanent desking when its capacity began to run low, and have available the small room for intimate and one-person meetings. 

Recently, Emma decided to put her attention into Emma’s Food Bag full time and Susanne took over ownership and running of Meraki full time (with a little help from community manager Grace). From 2017 to now we have a fantastic collection of members and a welcoming, affordable space for like-minded people to network, collaborate and productively get shit done.


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